Friday, September 26, 2008

Walmart Good or Evil (blogpost #3)

Wal-mart looks like a wonderful practice on paper, giving low prices, above minimum wage jobs, etc. Like many things though the carrying out of whats on the paper fall short of the expectations. Wal-mart destroys town, nistreats their workers, and does not contribute to the places it destroys by investing overseas.

Small towns around the U.S, are all experiencing the same things. Wal-mart wants to build in their city and is greeted with open arms. When Wal-mart finally opens things start to change. Ma and Pa shops start closing down, downtown is redirected to wherever Wal-mart is and the town will never be the same again. With such low prices through shady side stepping of the law Wal-mart provides prices so low that free enterprise is almost completely wiped out unless local shops provide specialized services.

How are they able to maintain "Always low prices"? It is through the abuse and exploitation of employees. Many think "Oh they pay better than minimum wage thats better than most places, right?" wrong! They may pay over nine dollars an hour but a Wal-mart employee has no benefits and are encouraged to apply for government aid to get simple health care and such. Wal-mart also make employees come in early, stay late, and add even whole days to someones schedule and Wal-mart does not pay overtime. Wal-mart also purposely understaffs all of its stores so as not to pay too much in employee wages. It is through this abuse that helps them keep things priced below the competition.

The main reason prices are so low at Wal-mart is that they participate in overseas manufacturing and shipping. everything made in the Wal-mart store comes from Southeast Asia which economically gives nothing back to our nation in terms of extra jobs and economic stimulus. They stay in Asia for the cheapest labor in the world so they dont provide jobs for U.S. citizens and keep people in the cities they build from getting jobs near them.

Wal-mart is a very shady organization that covers its poor practices by mesmerizing the puvlic with low prices and good deals. It destroys economys and towns, abuses workers, and invests overseas. How could a company that does all these things be allowed by our government to stay in business, the answer, politics and money. Wal-mart has too much money and too much power to be stopped. We have nothing left but to hope for the best.

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