Friday, December 12, 2008

Captivating(blogpost #7)

This view is absolutely gorgeous. It is from lookout mountain that runs from Alabama to Tennessee. All along this mountain are beautiful views just like this one.
I own a piece of land and a trailer up here and the weather and air are spectacular. If looking for a quiet get away somewhere like this is the place

VH1 Metal(blogbost #6)

This a link to a special on Vh1 I recently watched titled the 40 greatest metal songs of all time. If you are into rock at all you should check this list out it was some of everything classics and late 1990's to 2000's.

This list was done very well and has a nice variety and hit all the basics with Black Sabbath's Iron Man hitting the number one spot. There is also a reverse list on VH1 titled 40 most awesomely bad metal songs if you care to check it out.

Music Video (Blogpost #5)

This music video is from the alternative rock band System of a Down. This video is amazing because it flows so well with the message of the song. System of a Down is known for its deep lyrics filled with meaning politically. This song is called BYOB or Bring Your Own Bombs and was released on their Mesmerize album in 2005.

BYOB is a song with anti war sentiments and is about the government handling situations like the one in Iraq. The heavy guitar melodies and meaningful lyrics make this my favorite song and the music video accents well with all the brain wash and propaganda inuendo.