Friday, September 26, 2008

For 10 Million Dollars (blogpost #1)

Money, it is what rules our nation. With an economy based on free enterprise and capitalism the thirst for money is insatiable. If you were made a proposition for 10 million dollars would you take it, the catch being you would have to leave the U.S. forever? The answer for me would be yes, in a heartbeat, for many reasons. Though the United States is the country I grew up in and love there are many countries out there that are just as good if not better in areas such as health care, balancing of the middle class, and not to mention a few countries that have a particularly friendly exchange rate toward the dollar.

There are many countries in Europe that have excellent health care systems based on universal populous support making them much less expensive and in some cases if not all free. France is the world leader in socialist type health care plans, and not needing to worry about spending needless income on my well being would be a nice relief. Many nations in the European Union have adopted Universal health care plans and it makes many things about doctors and hospitals very nice. Though lines for basic check-ups may be worse than in the states anything more serious can be instantly seen to and treated making for a more efficient health care setting.

The balancing of the middle class is an issue we are having in this country which is causing some problems. In Europe the situation is much better and I like that because I’m not going to spend my 10 million dollars on some humongous house that looks gaudy I just want to continue living in the style I am accustomed to living. A strong middle class makes the general scenery of a city not so harsh because of the lack of slum housing and would be a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Another place I would look for is a country that is particularly friendly with our dollar. If I get an exchange rate of like 10:1 I now have 100 million whatever so that would make things much easier and make my money last longer. More money to spend means that I could invest it in something and hope for a big pay off. I could become an entrepreneur and try and start some businesses or something net like that.

No matter what I would still leave this country in a heart beat just for the opportunity to see the world. To experience free health care, strong middle classes, and more money in my pocket magically (till I leave) is what I would leave this country for. I would do it for free but the 10 million dollars is definitely a bonus.

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